ChallengeWave reduces annual medical expenses up to $51,000 per 1000 insured

ChallengeWave gives you a tool to help your clients achieve their primary objective of reducing benefit costs. ChallengeWave also increases employee satisfaction through shared organizational goals. The best companies attract the best employees in part, due to a comprehensive benefit package. Below is our strategic plan for you to help you reach your client.

Differentiate Yourself:
Use ChallengeWave to show you are vested in the interests of your clients. Not only are you taking part in helping improve the root of health care cost increases, but you also get information, metrics, and leverage to help you negotiate with Carriers.
Promote your Agency:
ChallengeWave can be private-labeled to look like your offering. Demonstrating your advanced capabilities helps you compete against your larger competitors. Use ChallengeWave as a differentiator to enroll and keep more groups in your book of business.
Specific Goals/Measurable Objectives:
  1. ChallengeWave promotes 30 minutes per day, 3 days a week for every employee as a weekly goal.
  2. Employees are challenged to maintain that goal persistently through a variety of motivational tactics featured in ChallengeWave.
  3. Participants are provided with scoring, status and social support to help sustain motivation.
Implementation Timeline:
Since ChallengeWave is a service delivered over the Internet, implementation logistics and internal I.T. resource needs are minimal. We offer implementation plans designed to fit all client needs.
Roles and Responsibilities:
One of the key aspects of ChallengeWave is simple implementation. The community-based, web-enabled approach gets the client employees involved and reduces effort needed from client H.R. staff.
Conventional worksite wellness programs can be expensive (human resources, capital investments, incentives, etc.), ChallengeWave is offered at a much lower total expense with a simplistic, predictable pricing structure. ChallengeWave provides a value add to your solutions portfolio and offers an attractive revenue split to you.
Marketing Strategy:
ChallengeWave provides you and your clients with a campaign planner to help get things started. We also provide ongoing support to you and your clients to increase participation through marketing materials and campaign suggestions.
Program Evaluation:
Our mid-year and annual reports will provide the evidence you need to verify results. Furthermore, on-demand monitoring reports will give you insight into the group performance and help you make more valuable client contact throughout the year.

Getting started with ChallengeWave is easy with low minimum requirements. Take a look at how to get started with ChallengeWave for Benefits Consultants ».

Let us know when you have questions, or are ready to get your company enrolled in ChallengeWave.