ChallengeWave reduces annual medical expenses up to $51,000 per 1000 insured

Health Insurance rates increase 6-20% annually. Your clients ask you to reduce overall health insurance costs but rates are set by carriers. How can you help your clients lower their overall costs?

Consider ChallengeWave

ChallengeWave offers you a tool to help your clients reduce overall medical claims expense and worker compensation expense through employee health improvement. As an employee-focused tool that builds motivation and consistent health improvement in employee populations, ChallengeWave works by engaging the employee socially, competitively and fairly.

Benefits For You:

  1. A private label solution to promote your brand among your clients.
  2. A value added product that strengthens your capabilities and helps you effectively compete against larger competitors.
  3. An effective tool to help companies get costs under control.
  4. Help you keep your clients from "marrying" their health insurance carrier.
  5. Distinguish yourself with your clients as more than an order taker or an extension of the carrier.
  6. A platform to offer additional valuable services to your clients.
  7. Designed to be financially scalable and predictable.
  8. Simple to implement for you and your clients.

ChallengeWave helps you answer the primary reason why your clients engage you: to reduce their overall health care costs while preserving an appropriate level of benefits for the organization.

Modifying and sustaining group behavior change is an ongoing process requiring effort and consistency. ChallengeWave brings together the right elements for group behavior change in a cost effective way. ChallengeWave requires very minimal oversight and intervention from your HR professionals. Our plan is clearly laid out and objectively evaluated. Take a look at the ChallengeWave strategic plan ».

Let us know when you have questions, or are ready to get your company enrolled in ChallengeWave.