ChallengeWave reduces annual medical expenses up to $51,000 per 1000 insured

Why are costs increasing year after year in spite of technical innovation and information sharing?

"Technological advancements have made our lives more convenient-but also more sedentary. Research shows that leading an inactive life not only increases the risk of becoming overweight or obese, but also contributes to an increased risk for disease and disability." -U.S. Surgeon General

As health insurance costs increase 6-17% annually across carriers, can your organization continue to afford an appropriate level of benefits for your employees?

How It Works

ChallengeWave is a private community for your employees and employee dependents to start and stick with healthier lifestyles. ChallengeWave works through influencing motivational factors across a wide variety of personality types. ChallengeWave is a bottom up approach allowing employees to choose who motivates them and who they can motivate. By creating a private social network founded on social support, collaboration, and competition, ChallengeWave keeps people focused on their health longer and reduces the time spent "off-the-wagon".

What We Offer

Implementing ChallengeWave at your organization is simple. As part of your subscription, we handle:

  1. Initial program planning
  2. Employee onboarding
  3. Internal marketing efforts to your organization
  4. Campaign design and management
  5. Periodic reviews with you to discuss program effectiveness
  6. Periodic reviews with you to discuss aggregate population metrics
We also handle:
  1. Software hosting and licenses
  2. Program upgrades
  3. Customer support
  4. Periodic maintenance

The goal of implementing ChallengeWave is to reap the benefits of a healthy workforce ».

Let us know when you have questions, or are ready to get your company enrolled in ChallengeWave.