Individuals benefit from corporate wellness initiatives to adopt and maintain a healthy regimen over time. In this modern age, the importance of effective worksite wellness programs is paramount. At competition with continued growth in the healthier lifestyle area, employees face mounting distractions, a plethora of entertainment options and a change in how work is performed.

"A 2008 study estimated the total direct and indirect costs of eight risk factors (including excess weight, physical inactivity, type II diabetes, low fruit/vegetable intake, hypertension, high cholesterol, depression and tobacco use) for North Carolina adults was $57.36 billion. Of the $57.36 billion, $42.62 billion of expenses were accrued in lost productivity, $10.52 billion in direct and indirect medical care, and $4.22 in prescription costs." -Eat Smart Move More NC

For organizations that understand the additional costs from unhealthy lifestyles among employees and employee dependents, ChallengeWave is the connecting link between a company and their workforce.

Healthy Worksites

Surgeon General Suggests Creating a Healthy Worksite

In order for worksite wellness initiatives to be successful, senior leadership must have buy-in. In some organizations, the HR Management can be the champion, in others the CEO, CFO, and SVPs must get involved. All must do their part to show a commitment to a healthier workforce at the highest levels.

Alongside senior leadership, the employees must have the initative and motivation to continually to use worksite wellness resources. The best programs enable the employees to be motivators of others.

ChallengeWave is made to be engaging and fun for those of all levels of physical activity and interest through the unique social support structure and virtual reward system.

One outcome of active ChallengeWave participation is benefits cost reduction ».

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